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So, How Do You Create the Relation With those A-list People 
(AKA Your 'Dream 100')
And Get Traffic From Your Dream 100 Online?
From: RJ Ahmed

Let me know if this happened to you...

If you're the Part of Russell Brunson's or Dana Derricks community and You know the concept of Dream 100 and you might think...
"Dream 100 is cool, But How can i implement it..."

And so we Read some books and watch some courses or challenges... 

Think about it is cool... 

But how we can implement it in our business...

Or Whatever YOUR THING is...

This Masterclass is about not only the Fundamentals but also Making sure how you can implement it in any business whatsoever...
Otherwise People do Nothing to Implement Dream 100 since they don't know how to do it...

Is that your story right now?  Is that why you're here? 

Have you created something amazing, but you don't know HOW to get your dream customers to find you?

Even though, You know that Dream 100 is one of the best methods to get your dream customers?  

Maybe you have your funnel set up with your irresistible offer but you don't want to spend on Paid Ads...

Because of the FEAR, of the next Google or Facebook Slap...

Have you ever thought... 
Do I Even Have A Real Business?"
Because "Hoping for People to Come is not a Strategy."...
"Russell Brunson"
My name is RJ Ahmed, I'm an Entrepreneur who's helping people learning and mastering the traffic using the concept of Dream 100 so you never need to worry about the Traffic...
Just 2 short years ago, I Started my online journey, i didn't had the idea what offer should i promote and everything, but the biggest question like other people have was How Can i Get the Traffic... 

Because i Started with Dropshipping (WHAT PEOPLE THINK IT'S EASY) and then became profitable when i got into Affiliate Marketing but Ultimately For Any Offer or Services...

You Need Right People in Front of the Right Offer

To do that, I had to learn how to get traffic from dozens of different sources... 

I Tried Facebook Ads on my own and Burnt Money, or Solo Ads . 

But Majority of them aren't converting... I had to be smarter. 
After Experimenting Lots of Things...
I realized. Why Should i test in all of these things on my own, When i know My Dream 100 have that Target Audience of People... 

Because When I was preselling FriendFunnels which was a great product, but it was very hard to get people to know about us because there were less eye balls

We tested everything... 

If someone said this would get us more traffic, we tried to test it

Most of the things we tried didn't work... and Some Do but requires More Resources (Money) 

Because of The Dream 100 Not only i've been able to Get the in the Eye of my Target audience but also got profitable with it.
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How would you like to be in front of Your Dream 100 audience

That are hot and hyper targeted traffic which loves to buy the Products!
"What Would Happen To Your Business If You're going to be in Front of Your Dream 100 Audience!?!"
The Dream 100 Masterclass
For Getting In Front of Your Dream 100 and create the relation with them and their audience ...
If you are selling anything online (or trying to generate leads online) - these Fundamentals of Dream 100 will help get more Traffic and Authority on whatever it is you are selling!
Dream 100 in every market you can dream of. 
  • Coaching/Consulting
  • Local Small Business
  • ​Info Products
  • E-Commerce
  • Network Marketing
  • B2B
  • Non-Profit
  • ​Agency/Freelancer
  • Blogging/Affiliate
  • ​Just Getting Started!
And now I want to help you to turn on the Targeted traffic of your 
Dream 100, and fill your website and funnels with your dream customers as well! 
Get into The Dream 100 Masterclass...
Yes i want to Unlock the Secrets of The Dream 100, ASAP!
Inside Of 
The Dream 100 Masterclass... Here Are A Few Of The Secrets You'll Discover!
Secret #1: What Actually is Dream 100
  • WHO:  Identify exactly WHO your “Dream 100” is, and enter into the conversation that’s ALREADY taking place in their world, so you know exactly how to serve them!   
  • ​WHERE:  Find exactly WHERE your Dream 100 are Congregating online, so you can find them and enter in their World...
Secret #2: How to Ethically Dream 100 While Being Part of the Tribe
  • Tribe:  Where are the Tribe of Your Dream 100 and how to become the Second Leader of their Tribe After them !
  • Content:  How to Create Content and Engage with your Dream 100 in such a way you come in front of their EYE.
Section #3: Do's and Don'ts of Dream 100 
  • Do's:  There Are some of the Do's that you should Do... That Makes you a Star in front of Your Dream 100, the way They'll love you If you're on Their Side  
  • Dont's:  And,,,,, There are some things that you need to avoid in order to Make Sure that you're not Irritating Your Dream 100, or Making them away from You, Because You're Just a Fan...  
What Are Others Already Saying About 'The Dream 100 Masterclass'
"He Went More Deeper in Details than what i learnt in OFA Challenge, Great Investment Indeed I Can't Regret it. Now it's time to Implement..." - Gladys Gladys
"This Course Just Gave me So Much Clarity on how to get your Dream 100!" - Christelle Prins
"This Masterclass is the best (and almost only) training you'll find. Never mind the Bonuses !" - Wilhelm Winald
As You Can See...
The Dream 100 Masterclass Has Already Helped Many People Around The World...
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When you get The Dream 100 Masterclass, I’m going to give you Interviews Secrets that you can start watching, as soon as you Finish Your Masterclass

In Interviews Secrets I'll teach How to Structure a Successful Interview From Start to the End, From Reaching Out to Your Dream 100 for the Interview to Asking Awesome Questions that Makes Your Exciting to Wrapping up Your Interview Mostly on Automation That Your Dream 100 Remember in the Long Run 

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The next Bonus is The Dream 100 Masterclass Private Group, who don't want the Accountability with the Like Minded Dream100'ers! 

So Alongside the Masterclass You'll Get the Exclusive Group Where all of the people who are in the Masterclass will be available, So You're Not Alone

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The next bonus, I'm One Dream 100 Away Swag! 

Now as Russell Brunson says You're One Funnel Away, in the Same way You Just need One Dream 100 Person to literally Change Your Life, So as a Remainder You're Getting Our SWAG So that you keep on Going and Dream100'ing !

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Bonus #4 - Automate Your FB Softwares !
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The Key From Scaling to 6 to 7 to even 8 Figures is Automation & Delegation So We're Providing you the Softwares to Automate your High income Generating Task on Facebook.

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Bonus #5 - 1 Hour Coaching Call!
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Total Value: $197.00
After Watch The Dream 100 Masterclass We're providing you a 1 Hour Coaching call where you can literally can talk about how you can increase your revenue in your business or We can discuss the strategy how you can Dream 100 in the best way possible...

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There Is NO CATCH!
I know there are so Many Resources from Where you get to know about Dream 100. But Mostly You're unable to implement it in the Business since you don't know the HOW...

This isn't one of them.

The Dream 100 Masterclass is literally the way of not only learn the fundamentals but also the checklist of how to "Implement it" as well in your Business...

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RJ Ahmed